Centrifuge Manufacturing & Rebuilding

Our centrifuge manufacturing & rebuilding is top-notch. Our team identifies and corrects problem areas on many different makes and models of centrifuges. With this, Cen-Tex is able to innovate and design robust machines for many applications.

Are you paying too much for your centrifuge repair?

Cen-Tex repairs all makes and models of horizontal centrifuges from Alfa-Laval, Derrick, Hutch-Hayes, Sharples, Bird, Flottweg, Centrisys, and Westfalia just to name a few. When your OEM parts wear out or are unable to be repaired Cen-Tex designs and manufactures replacement parts in house saving thousands of dollars and time over purchasing from the OEM.

As a centrifuge rebuilder, Cen-Tex looks at your machine as we would one of our own, giving it all that it deserves on each and every repair.

Through innovation and strict quality-control procedures, our dedicated crew at Cen-Tex Centrifuge is able to repair or rebuild your existing centrifuge and return it to you in as good or better condition than new. Cen-Tex also offers 24/7 service and tech-support.


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